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We set a new standard for the tutoring industry. Learn how the founder accomplished this.

About the Founder, David Bossart


I am proud to say that I grew up in San Francisco. I graduated from Town School, Marin Academy,
and UC Berkeley, where I completed a double major in History and Physical Science.


I began tutoring in college as a way to make ends meet. It was appealing and exciting work, because each student was different and I had the freedom to innovate. I later taught in a school for developmentally disabled students in Berkeley, which was a defining experience for me; I realized that my strongest desire was to work with young people, helping them make better decisions and pursue their potential. With autistic youths, the goals were very different from those of the students I tutored, but the underlying dynamic was universal: be an honest advocate for self-empowerment through patience, flexibility, and consistency.


I eventually decided to pursue tutoring full time,  and left my job at the Via Center. My students and their parents had great things to say about me, and by referrals I soon found myself tutoring seven days a week. I loved it, but knew it wasn’t sustainable – so in 2005, I started a business called Aristotle Associates, in honor of the Greek icon of learning and philosophy,  who was himself a tutor. I trained each of my employees myself,  so that I could preserve this reputation for caring about each student and going the extra mile to provide the support they need.


Aristotle Associates outgrew its roots. I decided to reinvent my business and change the nature of tutoring itself and make it a secure, well-paying job by hiring tutors full-time. That meant my tutors could fully focus their time and energy on their passion for helping students. Our methods evolved into something much more than traditional tutoring: an interconnected process that addresses the underlying causes of student’s challenges, giving them specific tools to facilitate good decisions and achieve better results. We called this  “The System” – and that became our company name.


In 2020, I began the next stage for The System: the creation of an advanced, interactive platform for learning mathematics online. My goal was to make my materials and process available to families who cannot afford my tutoring rates. I reformatted existing materials and created new ones as needed. Within just over two years of untiring effort and collaboration, I had created nearly three hundred lessons and over 200,000 problems. I am so excited to say that it is up and available, now, on my website. You can watch a video here that explains how it works.

I am grateful to be the leader of this company. I awake each day with a sense of hope and excitement for the opportunity to provide young people with the tools and resources that truly empower them. This is my passion, and nothing could fulfill me more.

About the Team


Alexandra is a medical student at UC San Diego and a UC Berkeley Cell Biology alumna. She has 5+ years of tutoring experience, working with students from elementary school through college in math, language arts, test prep, and science. In between studying her favorite pastimes are traveling, reading, experimenting with gourmet recipes and cuddling small, furry mammals.


Annie is currently a high school Latin teacher. She received her BA and MA in Classics, with an emphasis on Classical Philology. Annie is currently finishing her teaching credential while pursuing another MA, this time in World and Comparative Literature. She enjoys reading and studying languages, and continues to strive to learn more languages. Annie has been tutoring for eight years in a multitude of subjects, including English, Latin, Ancient Greek, Algebra, Geometry, SSAT prep, SAT/ACT prep, and writing.


Alexis is a graduate student at USF. After obtaining his BS in Geological Sciences at San Diego State University, he decided to pursue an MS in Environmental Sciences. He has 3 years of tutoring experience and spent 5 years as an instructional assistant. Alexis has experience working with students with disabilities and has undergone DDI training to develop excellent leadership skills. When he isn’t hitting the books, Alexis fills his day going on nature walks, visiting the beach, and collecting rocks.

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We set a new standard for the tutoring industry.

Learn how the founder accomplished this.